The Democratic Team of Rivals our Country Needs

A Democratic Team of Rivals, reminiscent of the cabinet Lincoln assembled to guide the USA through the tumult of the Civil War is needed again to guide America to face the crises today. These challenges must be addressed now. We have an opportunity with adept leadership, foresight, and thoughtfulness to stop the infighting and use the primary debate forum as an opportunity to have thorough policy discussions that can educate and help form our party’s platform with media contributing via thorough research and fact-checking. Use today’s technology and resources to make a new playbook for governance. President Trump has rewritten the communication and news cycle playbook. The candidates and self-described leaders of the Democratic Party have the opportunity to do the same. I present this slate: Joe Biden, President Cory Booker, VP Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Pete Buttigieg, Climate Change Czar overseeing EPA/DOT/HUD initiative to rebuild America to be […]

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