I am..

in short, a father, husband, son, brother, who has been blessed in love and opportunity. I graduated from Yale where I studied climate change and world politics. I then earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and became a licensed landscaper and builder in DC, Virginia and Maryland, I am blessed to have the opportunity to express my passion tangibly through our business and through consulting client.

For myself more than anyone else, I’ll share more:

I am a utilitarian, and a feen for sustainability.

I am nature-lover. I find true peace of mind walking in the woods of Maine, Maryland, and Virginia.

I am a worker. I maintain a lengthy list of to-do’s in my mind and journals.

I am a builder. I enjoy creation in thought and tangibles. I love to envision the most perfect, long-term, sustainable, useful solution for land and real estate.

I am an admirer of public service and follower of politics. I have observed first hand the unseen sacrifice that is required that many make in service or competing for the opportunity to serve. I am grateful.

I am a facilitator. I enjoy bringing people together so that they apply their skills and talents to create value.

I am compulsive about learning and developing new skills, and gaining the associated validation from certifications and coursework.

I am a technologist. I see a need to deploy technologies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and allow for greater transparency and analysis. I see technology as a force, albiet fragile, that will continue to fundamentally shift the way in which users, individually and societally, exist. I also recognize the lack of resiliency present in the delivery and access to many technologies and value preparedness accordingly. This must be addressed.

I am a naturalist. I believe strongly in our prerogative to restore and conserve our natural resources in the spirit of long-term sustainability. My focus has been focused at the Chesapeake Bay watershed, which has played an intricate part in my life and proceeding generations of ancestors. I see the most duty-driven means of restoration in empowering natural methods to restore its self-healing processes, such as through Oysters bed restoration, native grasses, and silt removal.

I am a health nut. I am passionate about developing ways in which to improve health by means of sustainable health and education initiatives that strengthen all participants to be healthier and more productive.

I am a community member. I believe inherent responsibility of each member of a community to apply their skills, talents, and passions to do all that they can to strengthen their family and community. If a community is not open to being a beneficiary of that, it should be changed, or a new community found or formed. I base this on my studies life on earth and our collective reproductive strategies. I base it also on my love of god.

I am a competitor and athlete. I recognize that only through competition can many strengths be exercised and weaknesses exposed. I love how athletics and organized sports can be a catalyst for personal development, partnership, companionship, camaraderie, excitement, brotherhood, and mentorship. I also love our free market and how it fosters competition and incentive to optimize.

 I am religious, and I love God.

I am ever evolving, growing, changing.